hello all and welcome to the carter-wallace alumni website ...

At our 2004 get-together at TGI Friday's, we all voiced the sentiment that we really miss the great atmosphere we all shared at good old Carter-Wallace. To get such a great turnout after such a long time says it all. Even though we may have griped and complained at times during our years staring at the "Carter Cream" walls, we now all know how really great we had it, and we all miss the company and the people (well, most of them).

We want to be sure that we can keep in touch with as many people as possible as time goes by, and what better way to do so than the World Wide Web? Let's keep up on what's going on with everyone and what we plan on doing together next.

So browse through this site and please feel free to contact me with any ideas that you may have. We're starting out simple and can build on this as suggestions are received from all of you.

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